IMCS Offshore understands that commitments must be consistently upheld to create an environment of trust and dependability.  We know that our decisions will impact all stakeholders and IMCS Offshore makes choices that we are proud to stand behind.  We take ownership of our agreements, decisions, and results.


    IMCS Offshore is built on a foundation of strong, inter-working relationships.  We believe that cooperative teamwork initiates diverse ideas and progressive thinking.  Communication between all parties is critical to success and IMCS Offshore works to facilitate positive connections among all those involved.


    IMCS Offshore prides itself on an impeccable reputation within the oil and gas industry.  We adhere to the highest ethical principles shared by our partners and clients.  The people of IMCS Offshore are committed to honesty and character, both professionally and personally.


    IMCS Offshore believes that successful business is a product of successful relationships.  To foster these relationships, we create an environment of fairness, understanding, and courtesy by listening to the needs of our clients and ensuring that those needs are met.  This principle extends to all of our domestic and international customers, employees, and suppliers.


    IMCS Offshore produces exceptional work because of our willingness to go beyond what is expected.  We are aware of the unique circumstances presented by the oil and gas industry and we are dedicated to working with our clients from beginning to end in order to achieve the best results.  All members of IMCS Offshore value commitment above all else.  We will always make it our first priority to meet the needs of our clients.