IMCS performs complete fabrication management services, representing the client's interests in the oversight of fabrication and installation projects:

VERIFICATION: IMCS performs third party verification of engineering, designs, and processes performed by project contractors.

EXPEDITING: IMCS performs in the yard and in the field progress reporting, verification, and schedule expediting.

CERTIFICATION: IMCS will work with certification agencies to plan and execute all certification points, including the engineering, designs, transports, and ex works structures.

PROJECT BOOKS: IMCS will review all contractor compiled data books for compliance and accuracy to the customer's requirements.  In addition, IMCS can gather and maintain the project data books by pulling data from all subcontractors and verifying content and compliance at the customer's request.

From start to finish, IMCS represents the client's interests and assures compliance to quality and HSE standards, conformance to schedule, and management of costs and change orders.