IMCS Offshore is passionate about the products and services we provide.  We take this passion into every project in order, and we try to fully understand our customer’s needs in order to provide our customers the highest quality products and services.

We believe the health and safety of all stakeholders is paramount, and we are fully committed to ensuring each and every project is realized in a safe and environmentally conscious manner. By carefully selecting quality vendors and subcontractors and adhering to the highest quality standards, we ensure the safety of our personnel, our subcontractors, and our clients.

We strive for ultimate customer satisfaction by providing cost effective solutions and services.  Our structured project management approach enables us the controls for all activities ensuring efficient and effective performance.  We strictly adhere to full Client and statutory requirements.

The foundation of our Quality Management System is continual improvement.  Improvement on internal processes and customer satisfaction is achieved through specific quality objectives and targets.  Continually monitoring our performance ensures the effectiveness of the management system and identifies any areas for improvement.

IMCS Offshore produces exceptional work because of our commitment to quality and to the client.  All members of IMCS understand this responsibility and everyone is held accountable for upholding this commitment.  By implementing appropriate procedures and contractual terms, we enforce this responsibility of commitment down to all of our vendors and subcontractors.

Our passion and commitment enable us to monitor and control our business activities and processes in our pursuit of excellence.